How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Actually, if you open YouTube, attend the video you would like to share and click on the share button below the video, you’ll see that you just will share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and alternative websites, however NOT Instagram! Therefore, what are you able to do?! This is often precisely what we are looking during this article! Therefore, keep tuned and realize a simple thanks to share YouTube videos on Instagram!

Previously, we’ve all lined “ the way to link Instagram to YouTube ” and additionally “ the way to link YouTube to Instagram ” and that we don’t need to speak concerning these topics any longer. Actually, once we say “to share YouTube video on Instagram” we mean specifically the way to insert the video itself and transfer it on Instagram as a post or story! Therefore, let’s jump into the solution(s) while not wasting time!

#1 Share YouTube Videos through Instagram Bio URL.

One of the simplest ways that to share YouTube video on Instagram is to share the video link on Instagram bio. As you all understand, Instagram permits you to share links on your Instagram bio, therefore you’ll be able to merely copy the supposed YouTube video URL and paste it on your bio. however, what if you would like to share multiple videos simultaneously?

Actually, this link-in-bio tool allows you to use widgets to attach to alternative social media accounts and one amongst the supported ones is YouTube. So, to link to your YouTube channel and videos, you’ll be able to use its widget and make an eyecatching atmosphere for those that move along with your page.

#2 Share Youtube videos on Instagram Posts.

Another way to share a YouTube video on Instagram is to share a bit of the video on your posts and add connect the video URL to your Instagram posts. Unluckily, Instagram doesn’t let users add clickable links to their posts however exploitation AiSchedul you’ll be able to conjointly resolve this downside.

Using this wonderful tool, you can:

Link YouTube videos to existing posts, Schedule posts connected to YouTube videos from a laptop,

And many alternative things. So, it will vary assist you with this problem!

Here, you’ll be able to see that has coupled every post to a particular URL:

#3 Share YouTube Videos on Stories.

If you’re not happy with any of the solutions on top of, you’ll be able to try and share YouTube video on your story and add its link to let folks watch the total video. As luck would have it, Instagram permits users to feature swipe-up links to their stories formally. Hence, you’ll be able to link to the supposed YouTube video in your stories.

#4 Share Youtube videos on IGTV.

Another way to share YouTube video on Instagram is to share it on IGTV and add its link to the IGTV description. Actually, on IGTV you’ll be {able to} share longer videos and you’ll be able to share the whole version. But if not, try and share its URL. Fortuitously, Instagram permits users to share clickable links on their IGTV descriptions. And hence, you’ll be able to copy and paste the supposed video URL and raise folks to observe it on YouTube.

#5 transfer the YouTube Video and transfer on Instagram.

An easy thanks to share YouTube video on Instagram is to transfer it from YouTube and transfer it to Instagram! however, how? Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1) realize the YouTube video you would like to share and duplicate its link.

Step 2) Paste the derived link in a very YouTube downloader. As an example, you’ll be able to use or some downloader bots like @utubebot on telegram messenger.

Step 3) currently, the sole step that is still is to transfer the downloaded video on Instagram. For this step, that is additionally the last one, you’ll be able to open Instagram and ordinarily share the supposed video directly from your portable on the feed, as a story or perhaps on IGTV.

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